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Core Solutions

Cross Channel Solutions


Attracting a customer to a website is the easy part (through search engine optimization, adverts and so on). Keeping the customer engaged is the tough part.

To solve this problem, brands use immersive, rich media and personalization combined with social media, gaming and other forms of “interaction”. Loyalty programs and brand “containers” try to move consumers from awareness to advocacy.

At Group FMG, with comprehensive production capabilities, we create media–rich content that is relevant, engaging and utterly compelling, whether it’s for a corporate website or a high–impact interactive catalog. We specialize in Multichannel Digital Asset Production. All digital assets are comprised of one or more of 5 “atomic” elements – text, photographs, video (moving pictures), motion graphics (moving images) and audio. These elements are combined and splashed on a “player” to deliver a message. When it is splashed on paper the player is a magazine or book and the product is a publication; on a computer the player is a browser and the output is a website; on a gaming console it is a game; on a TV screen it is broadcast and so on.

Group FMG aims to be the best production house in the market serving other agencies and direct clients.

Copywriting and Branded Content

We offer a full range of copywriting services across digital and print media. Our team of writers includes specialist editors and journalists who create extended content to enhance your customers’ interactions with your brand and deliver innovative and exciting features and articles.

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Our photographic facilities can be provided separately, or as part of a broader service, and range from studio hire, props management and location or studio photography through to retouching and color management.

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Digital Watermarking

Digital Watermarking from Group FMG is an integrated solution that embeds digital information into audio, images, video and print.

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We have been at the forefront of online video for more than ten years producing engaging, entertaining and effective video content for brands. We offer a complete and comprehensive production solution from script and concept development through to production and final delivery.

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Motion Graphics

We create create stunning visual imagery – CGI from scratch; artworked and storyboarded by Group FMG's in-house design team and built and rendered into
3D animations.

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