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Core Solutions

Cross Channel Solutions


The change brought upon by the solomoco phenomenon (social media, localized content, mobile apps and [e/m] commerce), has caused widespread disruption in the ways brands go to market. With new channels of communication like Facebook and Twitter, consumer behavior has radically changed. Brand –> consumer strategies have almost been turned on their head, causing marketers to rethink consumer <–> brand principles.

We offer advisory services to help marketers make sense of the new landscape through which they need to navigate. Essentially, we offer roadmaps, change management and operational advice.

We offer marketing/media consulting services that combine digital technology (what’s best & what to use), domain skills (experience of what works and what doesn’t) and process excellence (making it happen to time, budget & quality).

At the core of our advisory services are three important terms – Imagination, Innovation and Ideation.

Consultancy Pyramid

All of the consulting services offered by Group FMG follow our highly repeatable, scalable ‘3D’ agile engagement model which allows us to work with our clients in an inclusive, rapid and engaging way.

  • Discovery – We rapidly get to truly understand, your business, your customers and your challenges
  • Detailing – We spend time building a detailed solution to the brief/objective
  • Development – We develop robust solution that meets the brief and to the expected quality within the timeframes agreed
  • Delivery – We work with you to deliver and maintain the solution you asked form

Consultancy Agile

Our services cover:
  • Assessment and/or creation of:
    • Digital roadmaps & strategies
    • Mobile and social strategies
    • [e/m] Commerce strategies and execution
    • Multi-channel brand experience strategy
  • Technology architecture assessments (digital and e-commerce)
  • Marketing operations optimization
  • Print and digital production cost reduction