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In increasingly large numbers, brands are trying to access consumers directly even as some of them work through distributors. A seamless, new world of B2b2c has arrived. Companies do not compete with each other, their supply chains do and a company’s ecommerce infrastructure underpins its strength to match online/offline demand and supply.

Succeeding in online commerce is not easy. Many ventures fail. Complexity of logistics, secure payment systems, loyalty programs, consumer privacy, technology sophistication and the art of offering an appealing, immersive experience make such ventures fraught with risk. We focus on solutions that “put things together”, removing complexity so that they work to meet your objectives.

Omnichannel commerce

When we create websites, we go beyond making them richer in content and form: our commerce–enablement skills mean we can develop transactional websites where people and companies "trade and settle". If your site needs payment systems or loyalty programs — ranging from web–based through to mobile–access channels — we will integrate the whole solution. And if the site needs self–service capabilities, we will implement B2B and/or B2C solutions that interact with intra–enterprise ERP systems and extra–enterprise vendor and customer systems.

Our services include:

Master data management (MDM)

All companies need to see one version of the truth when it comes to their products – data in one place – specifications, names, sources of supply taxonomy, and relationships with other products. Master data management systems feed filtered data into catalogs, online and offline channels, partners, vendors and customers. It forms the basis for analytics, insights and decisions.

We can help you in creating a multi domain, multi channel model to store clean, vital data without redundancies. This system will feed your ERP, distribution and commerce suites.

Multi channel content management

Information is collected, collated, edited, curated, distributed, store and retrieved all the time. A powerful multi channel content management system or CMS can play a vital role in the success of your commerce suite. From a single source information can be published across several channels in a consistent manner. All digital assets can be managed in a coherent manner to ensure brand consistency.

For many years we have been implementing CMS systems for multi channel consumption. We are somewhat unique in our ability to “splash” content on to various channels such as broadcast, packaging, point of sale, mobile devices, computers/digital and advertisements. For 25 years we have been helping publishers with premedia production services - adverts, magazines, newspapers, ebooks, apps and digital.

Product Information Management (PIM)

A product information management system provides different audiences data in a manner which is appropriate to them. It manages the distribution, approvals and publishing of data across multiple channels – what a vendor sees, what a customer sees, what a partner sees. It feeds ecommerce catalogs with essential data – specifications, prices (fixed or promotional) among other things – all in conjunction with other systems such as the OMS and commerce engines.

We can help implement PIM systems so that your print and on line catalogs, mobile and digital channels work in a coordinated manner. A good PIM implementation sets the foundation for a successful commerce site.

Multi channel order management

Order management systems are the most customized module of any commerce suite. Everyone sells differently – products, pricing strategies, customer profiles, markets. An OMS is usually the most complex implementation of most systems because one size never fits all.

We can help you build custom OMS suites or configure off the shell products to suit your needs. We have done this in most of our 100+ commerce implementations. We strive to make sure that your OMS system is tied into both off-premise and on-premise/online and offline assets so that you do not have channel conflicts or the success of one channel (say ecommerce) does not cannibalize the performance of another (say store sales).

These are a few samples of some of our work:
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