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Technology frameworks

We have developed, and continue to develop, a range of reusable frameworks and products that increase process efficiency, provide more predictable outcomes, and clearly differentiate our solutions. We were one of the first marketing specialists to adopt advanced technology to develop marketing solutions, and we have a very simple philosophy. We use best of breed when it makes sense, but we work consistently to develop innovative solutions which, embedded into each and every one of our capabilities - creative, production and analytics - drive sustainable returns on investment.

We see technology not as a means to an end, but as an enabler of marketing processes. Our team has expertise and experience in all industry–standard software – such as Adobe, OpenSource, LAMP, Linux, Apache and Flash - but as we solve our clients’ marketing challenges, we seize opportunities to improve production planning, manage content more effectively, increase quality and track impact.

Our cutting–edge technology specialists improve marketing solutions on a daily basis, always developing and upgrading our tools. We don’t hold our clients hostage for expensive licensing arrangements, or extra fees. Instead we develop proprietary solutions on an open–source platform, and which are part and parcel of our services. These include the following:

ice capp™Integrated, Commerce-Enabled Catalog App

ice capp™ is Group FMG’s proprietary, ground breaking repeatable app catalog publishing platform, packaged and designed specifically for retailers with ecommerce and print catalogs.

ice capp™ stands for Integrated, Commerce-Enabled Catalog App & is a unique solution that equips retailers with all the elements required to provide shoppers with interactive, commerce-enabled catalogs without expensive bespoke development.

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VIP4From the plan to the page

VIP4 delivers a fully integrated digital solution for magazine and book production, whether print or digital. Packed with innovative, problem–solving features, VIP4 provides a secure, one–stop production base for every step of the publishing process between page creation and either the print process or the web. With real–time digital dummies, soft and hard proofing, drag–and–drop functionality and a truly collaborative, team–wide interface, VIP4 is a huge leap forward in publishing. Multiple locations can share suggestions and view revisions in real–time, cutting costs and reducing the time spent in meetings. Our shared notes feature communicates all key information, press deadlines, must–read instructions and last minute notes to the entire team, enabling authorized users to quickly compose and style memos that are instantly accessible by every flatplan viewer. And VIP4’s live statistics functionality keeps track of advertisement totals, editorial totals and more.

For more information, please visit www.vipfour.com

CerosCreating engaging digital communications

Ceros is an interactive marketing–content platform that combines the communication power of the web with the engagement experience of magazines and catalogs. Ceros is designed to create direct, often personalized interaction with readers, thus both strengthening brand identities and selling products. Ceros includes editing and content management tools, detailed embedded statistical analysis and comprehensive APIs, and is integrated with e–commerce, subscription and tracking systems. Originally developed by Group FMG in response to the growing need to attract consumers and track behavior, Ceros has now been spun off as a sister entity. Ceros now powers websites worldwide, helping brand owners, retailers and publishers to secure ready–to–spend customers.

For more information, please visit www.ceros.com

DAMGetting the most out of content

Managing assets efficiently is imperative for marketing departments and especially so, in light of globalization. The ability to catalog, track, repurpose and download assets is not only critical to getting maximum value out of marketing investment, but also to make sure that all content is brand–compliant in every geographical location, use and media. DAM is an online storeroom for marketing departments: the easy–to–use interface allows marketing professionals to instantly find just the right image, sound, video or editorial content, cataloging any changes on a real–time basis.

AdventEnsuring quality in print and digital

Maintaining high quality across all media channels is challenging. Advent, our web–enabled, collaborative pre–flight software, allows both your team and ours to perform the full range of quality–control processes, checking an ad’s color space, sizing and any other procedures you add to your pre-flight proflie. Originally developed for print media, Advent now ensures that digital content in a range of formats conforms to the same quality standards.

For more information, please visit www.adventcheck.com