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Core Solutions

Cross Channel Solutions


We provide fact–based insights into your online performance, using deep and knowledgeable analytics structured to meet your industry‚Äôs specific challenges. This enables you to increase your marketing effectiveness by comparing tactics and media vehicles, developing forecasts, measuring returns from a specific campaign, and tracking your move from traditional media to digital. Your marketing budgets are optimized, improving your return on investment through accurate assessment of the effects of timing, duration and message.

FMG/Analytics works across the full spectrum of capabilities to deliver actionable insights. We blend practical knowledge of each industry’s marketing challenges, applying pragmatic statistical approaches to analysis. We do this by harnessing the power of leading technology platforms such as Adobe Omniture, Webtrends, Lyris ClickTracks and Nielsen Netstats — along with established business intelligence tools and the latest applications.

Our analytics services include:
  • Marketing mix management
  • Digital and cross media assessments
  • Campaign effectiveness
  • Brand equity and long term ROI analysis
  • Forecasting and simulation
  • Pricing and sales modeling
  • Promotion effectiveness
  • Website implementation (key data set definition, configuration, tracking tagging, metrics measurement systems)
  • Social media analytics
  • Data management, including digital data mining and cleansing