Marketing solutions

Every industry speaks its own language and is characterized by domain–specific nuances. What works in a promotion for an insurance company may not work for a high–street retailer or a manufacturer. By blending practical knowledge of an industry’s marketing challenges, we strive to differentiate our offerings and solutions so that three characteristics emerge: domain specific content, technology enablement, and robust processes.

Group FMG believes that all content must speak the language of the specific customer. Whether we’re working with a leading retailer, a cutting–edge technology company, an iconic consumer brand, a major publisher, or providing managed services to a world–leading creative agency we speak their language, and thus the language of their customers. We do this because we redefine the marketing equation, combining creative, production, technology and consumer insights into high impact solutions.

Since we focus on marketing solutions which by definition have horizontal application across almost all industries, here we show some samples of our work in a few of those industries. In fact, we work in almost every sector from promoting retail brands (such as Staples and Boden), automobile manufacturers (eg., Land Rover and Peugeot), publishers (Readers Digest and Haymarket), and entertainment businesses (Disney), to technology brands such as IBM and Microsoft – among many others.