Multi Channel Marketing, Marketing Solutions

We are Group FMG, a global marketing solutions business operating in the USA, Europe and Asia. We are a multi–channel content and b2b2c commerce solutions company focused on execution.

We produce compelling, [custom] content in a variety of forms across a multitude of channels, from publishing to point of sale, through packaging, digital, social and mobile. Our globally balanced production services have a history of excellence dating back to 1987.

The media and advertising world has an abundance of agencies that do incredibly good work at brand strategy and promotion through traditional channels. That is not always the case when it comes to immersive multimedia content, media production and new age channels such as social or mobile or offerings such as ecommerce. This is where Group FMG excels. We partner with clients directly and/or agencies to execute on strategies dealing with creation of content, media & marketing solutions, brand awareness, promotion, right through ecommerce transactions.

We drive effectiveness and efficiency in the execution of new channel marketing programs in a manner that current vendors simply don't. For a transformative brand experience at the intersection of media and technology call us.

Our vision is to provide tangible value to the business of our clients through high impact marketing solutions, by providing consulting services, enabling [e/m] commerce and producing rich media, local and social content.

Growing. Together.

Our work

helps marketers develop innovative products while differentiating existing ones.

We combine

domain skills, technology enablers and efficient processing to produce visually stunning, content rich and relevant, contextual outcomes.

We operate

in North America, Europe and Asia.


We focus on the production of multi–channel, immersive content, eCommerce enablement and consulting services.


We provide consulting services geared towards providing an
multi–channel yet uniform brand experience, ranging from roadmap development, technology services, workflows, efficiency improvement, unique user–experiences, and interactive concepts.


We produce compelling, engaging content for all channels, including print, online, broadcast, film, video, photography, digital and mobile. We create custom content for brands.


We build all manner of eCommerce solutions from digital shop–fronts to self–service portals, providing clients with advanced channels to market.


We provide solutions designed to work across several channels – from print to digital, through mobile, social, packaging, point of sale, broadcast and gaming. Our unique value proposition lies in the ability to create visually stunning, innovative digital assets for multi-channel consumption.


Underlying our solutions, we have a range of enabling facilities that ensures we deliver on time, on budget and on brief. It’s what sets us apart from the rest.


We have a range of frameworks and products that increase process efficiency and provide more predictable results.


Our data driven and fact–based analytical insights into market trends and your company’s online performance will take your digital marketing effectiveness to new heights.


Our globally balanced production facilities are all equipped with the latest technology, enabling the use of best–in–class process workflows and
real–time communication to ensure efficient deliveries.

Domain skills

Our deep domain skills and investment in human capital ensure that we have people who speak the language of your business – and our own.