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Group FMG is hoping to redefine the marketing equation. Put simply, we develop, create and execute high–impact solutions to help marketers create innovative solutions for new products, while differentiating existing ones. We do this by using insights and harnessing new technology, embracing creativity and leveraging our scale and global reach.

We are an award winning company that delivers creative solutions, commerce enablement and production effectiveness.

Group FMG has taken the lead in responding to the massive challenges that companies face in a fast–paced switch to digital. Consumer behavior is changing. Traditional marketing channels and models are being transformed alongside the development of new ones, including crowd–nomics, social media, mobile, interactive TV and innovations in ecommerce, involving new forms of payment, advanced logistics and so on. Decisions are made more collaboratively by the marketing, technology and procurement officers.

When digital assets (created from 5 basic elements – audio, photo, video, motion graphics and text) are transposed to various channels they are modified, translated and edited. Despite this transformation, the experience offered by a brand must not be wholly different between channels. Group FMG specializes in the creation of immersive content that can be carried by various channels in a manner that offers a unified brand experience.

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We know that there’s no "one–size–fits–all solution" for CMOs. Redefining the marketing equation means we have the ability to implement innovative partnerships that will meet the specific needs of global marketing programs. We structure innovative business models, ranging from fee–based services to the marketing of shared services, and from managed marketing solutions to carve–outs, delivering the optimal combination of cost, quality and creativity.

Some of the awards we have won: